It's your choice to be broke. I sure as hell wouldn't want to be doing what you're doing for work, but someone has to

February 18, 2018



I earn more money in my sleep than 75% of Americans earn while they're awake and slaving away at their job. How? I earn my money in a different manner than you do. I earn the bulk of my money as a Business System Owner and as an Investor, not as an Employee.


There are four (4) ways of earning money. Here they are:


1. As an Employee


This means you slave away at your job, only earning money for the work you do, at a wage pre-set by your employer who's trying to spend as little as possible, all so you can have "benefits" and put money into your RRSP, 401(k), or your Superannuation Plan. Brutal


2. As a Self Employed contractor


You own a "business". Or, more accurately, you're an employee who has to scrounge around and find gigs. If you don't find a gig, you don't eat. And, you do EVERYTHING. You're doing the marketing, hiring (if you have one or two "employees"), dealing with customer concerns, marketing, and booking. And, somewhere in there you have to do the actual job you were retained to do.


3. As a Business Owner or a Business System Owner


You own an actual business. This means it brings in money whether you're there or not. For instance, if you own a properly run McDonald's, you can fuck off for a year, come back, and find it earning more profit than it did the previous year. If you own a small plumbing repair business where you're the guy, if you fuck off for a year, your workers (if you had any) will have found other jobs and your business will be gone.


You can also own a Business System. Most of my websites are business systems. They attract potential buyers and sell them relevant products that they will find interesting and useful. I get a cut from each sale I make. I can leave my websites alone for a year, and because active websites get ranked higher on Google as time goes on, I'll earn more money.


Network marketing companies are also considered business systems. You put together a team (a down line) of people who sell products, and when each person under you is up and running, you can fuck off and still earn a cut of whatever each person under you sells.


4. As an Investor


This means you're using money to make more money. You lend someone $10,000 and they pay you $15,000 next year.


Broke people earn money the first two ways. They don't think it's possible to purchase a business system (I purchased some of my websites for $25 and they do $10 a month), and they think investing is only for the rich. But they open RRSPs and 401(k)s and purchase shitty mutual funds that do -5% a year anyways.


They may try doing network marketing for a bit. But, once they lose all their friends and estrange their entire family (because they're approaching everyone they know with a "business opportunity" rather than finding leads the right way), they'll give up.


Rich people earn money the last two ways. Why? Because they need a shitload of businesses and investments to make and keep the obscene amounts of money they earn. How the hell can I run twenty different businesses if I have to work in each of them?


You know, rich people are healthier, happier, more spiritually fulfilled, and have more free time than broke people. Why? Because whether they're actually "working" or goofing off in Costa Rica, money flows regularly into their bank accounts. And lots of it.


Yes, yes, if you're a doctor or a famous hockey, football, or soccer player you'll earn a lot of money. But what happens if you get hit by a bus? Poof. You're relying on your savings. What if you want to take a year off and lie on a beach in Mexico or Vietnam? Or take a break in general?


You know as time goes on the purchasing power of a Dollar or a Pound Sterling is going down, right? Sixty years ago a family could get by on one income. Today? People are barely meeting the poverty line with both parents working. And forget about saving.


If you have a job, and you're not looking to build or buy any streams of passive income, you're working in your coffin.


And it's your fault. It's your choice to not go and get any passive streams of income.


The websites I own cost anywhere from $25 to $1,000 each. The $25 websites put $10+ a month into my bank account, and the $1,000 ones put $500 into my bank account each month. I can own as many of them as I want. And, in a few years I can sell the $25 websites for $100 and the $1,000 websites for $4,000.


It's your choice to be broke. It's fine by me. I sure as hell wouldn't want to be doing what you're doing for work, but someone has to. It might as well be you.

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