Who owns the land under your house? Not you nor your bank

March 2, 2018



If your mortgage is paid off, than you, otherwise your bank, right?


Well if you think that’s the case, try not paying your property taxes for a few years.


Back in the day, the Crown used to own all the land. Then, one day, a smart person realized it’s more profitable to have the farmers own the land and pay taxes to the King on a yearly basis. That’s why the King allows others to “own” land. And, if someone doesn’t pay their taxes to the King, the King takes the land back and sells it to someone else. Much more profitable than just holding a shitload of land.


If you have to pay taxes on it, is it really yours?


Stop calling your house an asset. Stop calling land a “stable investment”. If you’re paying more than it’s paying you to own it, it’s a liability.


Monarchs figured this out centuries ago. When are you?

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