The evening news is for broke people

March 5, 2018




Are most people in America (Canada, UK, Australia, etc.) rich or broke? The answer is broke.


If you want to be rich (and not broke) doesn't it make sense to not do what broke people do?


I can tell in five (5) seconds whether you're rich or broke. The answer is in the language you use and what you prefer to talk about.


Rich people talk about opportunity. Broke people complain about their current state of affairs.


Rich people couldn't care less about the weather or the four-car pileup on the freeway this morning. Broke people LOVE talking about irrelevant pileups and weather events.


Broke people love to judge others. Rich people do no such thing.


Broke people hate wealthy and successful people for being lucky. Rich people admire and bless successful and wealthy people because they're proof that's possible for anyone to become rich and successful.


Rich people love talking about goals, hopes, dreams, their vacations, other businesses they want to start and charities to donate to, stuff that matters to them or whomever they're talking to. Broke people talk about news, weather, traffic, and sports. Because either they have low self-esteem or their life isn't interesting enough to talk about.


I can't talk to broke people about the businesses that I'm starting or the money I'm donating. Broke people won't listen to me. They'll judge me and tell me it's a bad and stupid idea. I make more money in one night's sleep than they will working their ass off for a month, but they'll still give me advice. If I want to converse with a broke person, I'd have to pick one of the four-broke people topics or whine about something.


Conversely, I can't talk to rich people about news, weather, traffic, or sports. They don't care how much or how little parking there was in the hotel, or how rainy or windy it is. They care about stuff that's important to them.


By the way, who is the news catered towards? The media company who produces news broadcasts gets their money from ads, and companies who pay (top dollar) for ads want their ads to be seen by as many people as possible.


Are most people rich or broke?


Are news broadcasts targeted towards rich people or broke people?


Stop watching the news. Stop putting useless shit in your head.

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