Are you addicted to your paycheck?

March 14, 2018



Money's a drug.


You spend most of your waking hours as a rented mule to someone else just so you can have a paycheck.


Then you feel good when you get your paycheck. Then you start spending it, and you feel shitty.


Why not earn money without having to work? 


Because you never looked. You never hopped on Google and looked up how to earn money without working.


You never visited sites such as Warrior Forum which has vendors that sell blogs for $20 a pop that put $50 a month in to your pocket. These blogs are maintained by the vendor and completely hands-off for you.


The average income in the United States is $50,000 a year. That's $4,100 a month.


Here's some math:


$4,100 ÷ $50 = 82 blogs


82 blogs x $20 per blog = $1,640


You can replace your paycheck for only $1,640!


But are you gonna? No. You're going to do whatever shit you're doing right now, whining and complaining about how broke you are and how it's everyone's fault but your own.

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