Your Mind Is Wrong.

March 26, 2018


Why am I earning thousands a month on autopilot and you're not.


For starters, my mindset is different than yours.


Your mind is programmed to think you have to work in order to get money.


Mine is programmed to think I have to buy a passive income producing asset to get money.


I purposely don't put in time and effort in order to earn money.


You do.


If I start putting time and effort into earning money, I'll become just as broke as you.


Where do you get income producing assets? I'm giving them away here. Otherwise, go visit Warrior Forum and search for people selling them. You can get them for as little as $25 or as much as $1000+.


I can tell if you're rich or broke just by the words you use when you speak to me.


If you speak of job security, or if you speak of doing everything yourself, then I know you're broke. If you get hit by a bus or you decide to backpack in Iceland for a year, you'll be broker than a Wall Street Trader in 2007.


If you're speaking of how your business or investments are making money while you're off changing the world, than I know you're rich.


Wealth is not measured by annual income nor by the amount of cash in your bank account. It's measured in days an months. The wealthier you are, the longer you can survive without efforting to put enough money in to your bank account to live.


And if that number is anything less than infinity, you're broke.




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