How to ensure nothing 'bad' can ever happen to you.

May 1, 2018


Nothing in this Universe is ‘good’ or ‘bad’.


I know right now you’re thinking of all the times you failed an exam, didn’t get that job, got fired or laid off, or got dumped.


But guess what? Those things are neither good nor bad.


What if failing that exam ensured you wouldn’t end up in a career you would hate? What if you died if you got that job or kept it? What if you married that person, but that person cheated on you or divorced you and took half your stuff?


You’ll never know.


But, now those things listed in the second paragraph aren’t so bad now, are they?


Whenever something ‘bad’ happens to you, relate it to something much worse. Then, whatever happened won’t seem so ‘bad’.


I know it’s tough to do, especially if you made a bad investment or got laid off. But, if you’re alive, you have your freedom, and you’re in relatively good health, you can always find a way to recover. You just can’t see it yet.


This is called the “Law of Relativity”. The Law of Relativity states that nothing is ever good nor bad until your mind makes it so. Yes I know this is slightly different than what you learnt in school, but unless you’re trying to pass physics or you’re working as an astrophysicist, then my definition is infinitely more useful to you. (And, if you are an astrophysicist, why are you using an outdated equation?)


The next time something ‘bad’ happens to you, try it out.

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