How to impress anyone in eight simple words [or less!]

May 11, 2018



There's one thing that you can do to give you INSTANT credibility.


I'm talking about more credibility than what you could get what a PhD.


I'm talking about


Writing A Book


And, yes, I'm talking about you.


Anyone can be an author. Even if you can't speak English or you never passed high school.


Yes, you can sit in front of your computer and painstaking try to type something out. But the problem with that is you'll procrastinate, get distracted, and it'll never get done.


Or, you could hire someone on a site such as to ghostwrite your book for as little as $100. Seriously. And I'm talking about hiring an out-of-work English teacher to write your book.


If you're debating the morality of whether you should hire someone to write a book for you with you taking all the credit, think about this: Think about famous people such as Bill Gates and Oprah. They have books. But, do you think they took the time to write a 500 page book? Or, do you think they hired someone else to write for them. Of course it's the latter. Now, do you consider that act unethical?


Another thing you can do is ramble on vocally using the voice recorder app on your phone and hire someone on UpWork or Fiverr to transcribe it. Then, hire a formatter (you should know where to find one by now) and voila. 


The cover? Hire someone on Fiverr. Simple.


But What About Publishing?


Simple. You can publish the book yourself using You can order copies from CreateSpace to either sell or give away for free. And copies are not that expensive either.


But I Don't Know Enough To Write A Book


I just covered that. You can hire a ghostwriter. Or, another thing you can do is look for a pre-written book you can take credit for. Yes, that exists. It's called "Private Label Rights" (PLR) or "White-Label". 


Imagine taking a pre-written book and slapping your name on the cover? People do that (not me personally). And it's legal and ethical as long as you own the rights to do so.


You Don't Even Have To Finish The Book

To Be Considered An "Author"!


Focus on the cover first. That's the most important part. Get that design on Then, you can go around and say you're the author of the upcoming book XXX . Simple.


From now on, whenever you introduce yourself, or someone asks you "what you do for a living", say, I'm the author of the [upcoming] book [on] xxxx"


Watch how impressed they become.


Two rules:


1) Can't be an eBook. You're not the author of the eBook on xxxx. Not as impressive.

2) You're not the "upcoming" author on xx. You exist. You're already an author. You just haven't hired the ghostwriter or purchased the PLR book yet. You're the author of the upcoming book on xxxx.


I'm the Author of the Book on XXXX


How to impress anyone using 8 simple words.


Practice this.

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