That movie was amazing… no, I mean… AMAZING… just WOW!!

May 23, 2018




Have you ever heard someone describe a movie like this? Like they were trying to convey to you how amazingly awesome the movie was, but they just couldn't find the words.


I'll tell you why. This is one of the many things you were taught incorrectly how to do in school.


You were probably given exercises on how to add adjectives to nouns to make the more “exciting” and “memorable”.


Just to recap and review what you learnt in school, a “noun” is a person, place, or thing, and an adjective describes a noun.


You were probably the phrase “The woman wears the hat” and told to add adjectives. A correct answer would have been “The crazy, old, smelly woman wears the bright green hat with pink polka dots”. Pretty good, right?


Terrible I know. And I’ll tell you why.


Where you ever instructed to use verbs to describe nouns? If the answer is “no”, give it a try.


Again, just to recap, a verb is a word used to describe an action, state, or occurrence.


If I were to try using verbs instead of adjectives to “colorize” the above phrase, I’d probably end up with something like this:


“The dreary-eyed woman with her weathered skin donned a shimmering reflective hat glistening with the greens normally found on the side of clown cars”.


Over the top, I know. But, noticed how much better that sounded? That’s because I threw in a few verbs.


Now, instead of describing how amazing and awesome a move was, what if I were to say:


The movie will drive you to tears. The lessons you will learn will make you question your own morality. It will shock and scare you, but you will also spit out your popcorn in laughter as you will find the antics more than mildly amusing.


Yes I know how weird this is sounding, but do you get my point?


Start making an effort toward moving away from adjectives and start finding ways to insert more verbs into your communication. You’ll find it’ll be a lot more easier for you to communicate.


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