Run with the top dogs, and you'll end up with game.

May 29, 2018


You’ve probably heard the old cliché, “Lay down with dogs, end up with fleas.”


There’s a problem with old clichés such as this one. They applied when it was said for the very first time, probably at a time when people didn’t wash their dogs. But, it’s 2018, and I know of a lot of people that sleep with their dog on their bed, but they don’t end up with fleas.


So, think about the clichés you use, and think if they still apply. You’ll notice when you read my posts or hear me speak that I rarely use clichés. I use quotes and sayings, but I’m doubtful you’ve heard or read them before. Sayings such as “A drop of ink in a sea of milk is a sea of milk.”


I’ve memorized them and I’ve learnt to weave them into my every day conversation. And they make me sound clever.


If you’re looking for a list of clever one-liners, you can visit It’s another one of my sites, and it contains a list of one-liners that you can use as your own.


Back to the dogs and fleas cliché, here’s one you should use instead:


“Run with the top dogs, end up with game.”


There’s nothing wrong with sleeping with a well-bread and well-cared for dog on your bed. But, at the same time, now relating dogs to people, if you hang out with successful people, and reduce the amount of time you spend with less successful people, you’ll discover that you’ll actually end up being more successful yourself. If you find a way to hang out with a group of painters, you’ll end up becoming a better painter yourself. If you hang out in investment clubs, you’ll notice you’ll become a better investor.


Run with the top dogs, end up with game.


And cut out the clichés and start developing and using clever one-liners and uncommon sayings.

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