Would you take the free $20 bill?

June 1, 2018



There was a sign in front of the bank in my building. It said, “Come in, chat with us for 20 mins, and we’ll give you $20 cash, no strings attached”.


Sounds like an irresistible, right? Come in, listen to some guy talk for 20 mins, get $20 cash.


They had this deal going on for over a month now. Over 10,000 people walk by this bank and have seen this sign. Guess how many people actually walked in and claimed their free $20?




Five people over the entire month listened to the 20 min sales pitch and received their free $20 bill. I was one of them. Here’s the $20 bill they gave me.





I got it yesterday for listening to a 20 minute sales pitch. I didn’t have to buy anything. They didn’t require me to open up an account with them or to do business with them.


Why is it that only five people came in and claimed their free money? Maybe they were busy. Maybe they were scared of talking to the nice man at the bank.


What was the worst that could happen? I could find out that I would actually need to open an account, and which point I could just walk out of the bank? I had nothing to lose, well, other than 20 minutes of my time.


You know, sometimes the Universe is really trying to help you out. Sometimes it’s trying to provide you with money or opportunities (such as accidentally running into a really attractive man or woman who just happens to be single) and it’s you that’s stopping yourself from taking advantage of the opportunity.


Next time you’re faced with this kind of conundrum, ask yourself three questions:


1) What’s the best thing that could happen?

2) What’s the worst thing that could happen?

3) What’s most likely to happen?


If you’re willing to risk 2) for the possibility of 1) or 3) happening, please do it. Please go claim your free $20. Please ask out that boy or girl at school, work, or at the gym. Please take action.


Please be at cause.

Rejection is a myth.


Don’t get the way of your own success.

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