Can a board game really make you wealthier?

June 7, 2018



Belive it or not, your wealth is not determined by the amount you make at your job, how much money you have in your bank account, or even how much passive income you have.


It's determined by one thing:


Your Mind


What habits do you have? What thoughts (consciously and subconsciously) are you thinking?


Don't believe me? Let me ask you think question:


Think about a man, say Bill Gates, Richard Branson, or Elon Musk. Now take away all of their wealth. Sell off all their companies and dump all their accounts and possessions and throw them on the street.


What do you think the chances are they'll rebuild their wealth? Pretty high, right? Why?


Now let me ask you this: It's a pretty well known fact that 70-85% of lottery winners go bankrupt within seven (7) years of winning the jackpot. Again, why?


Money doesn't make you wealthy. Money doesn't make me wealthy. It's the decisions people wealthy people make versus the decisions average people make that determines whether someone is average or wealthy.


Now it's not like it's a secret: Wealthy people have written many books outlining how and why they got to where they are. You can check some of them out on my recommended books page. It's just average people either don't know they exist, or aren't willing to put in the work to teach themselves and apply the mental and physical principles in their lives.



Want to know a fun way to start changing the way you think? Start playing Cashflow. You can play it as a board game or as an app on your iPad. I play a couple of rounds before I go to sleep every night on my iPad. It's really engaging and enjoyable to play, but more importantly, it reminds me what I should be looking to do next with the money I'm making either on my investments or on my real estate. It's an updated version of Monopoly, but it shows average people with average salaries with not much money in their account what actions they should take (and what mindset they should have) to go from where they are to becoming wealthy and financially independent.






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