Are you actually cooking your potato or are you just adding parsley?

July 11, 2018



Adding parsley to your baked potato will make it taste better. But, if the potato is only half-cooked, you probably wouldn't want to eat it anyways. Sure the parsley could convince someone to take that first bite, but no amount of parsley will make a half-cooked potato taste good.


If you're reading this, you're on some sort of self-improvement journey. Maybe you're looking for ways to make more money or get a better job. Or, you're looking for a relationship or even a better one. Or, you're looking to improve your intelligence.


Think about the things you're doing to improve yourself, your life, and results. Think about the courses and coaching you're paying for. Are you paying for parsley? Or, are you paying someone to help you finish cooking your potato?


A fully cooked potato will taste much better even with no toppings than a half-cooked potato with all the parsley in the world.

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