Use your first name ONLY

August 7, 2018


Whenever someone asks me for my name, or whenever I give my name to someone else, I only say "Dan".


I never say "Dan Christian Yeung" or "Dan Christian" or "Dan Yeung".


Why? Because it's tough enough for you (my listener) to remember one name, let alone 3.


There's another reason you should only introduce yourself by your first name only though.


Most people (myself included) tend to "slur" things that I say all the time. If you ask me for my full name, my address, my postal (or zip) code, my phone number, etc., I'm probably going to slur it. In my mind I'll say it perfectly, but you may not hear everything I say clearly.


So, be careful. If you're giving someone else your address or phone number, say it slowly and clearly.


If someone asks you what your name is, only give them your first name.


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