How To Be Funny.

September 10, 2018


You'll notice there's a new page on my site. It's here


Good marketers, communicators, and speakers have finely-tuned communication skills. They know how to captivate you and how to hold your attention.


Bad speakers and communicators are boring.


One trait that expert communicators share is that they are all good at making you and I laugh. They tell lots of jokes and funny stories.


Poor communicators complain that they aren't inherently funny.


Want to know how to be funny? It's simple:


Memorize a few jokes.


Jokes are funny and entertaining, even if I deliver them poorly. 


People who complain they're "missing a funny gene" are admitting they're too lazy to memorize a joke or two.


So visit this page and memorize a few. I'll update it as I come across more funny and clever jokes to use.


And actually use them in your speeches or conversations. You'll become more interesting to listen to, and you'll be regarded as an expert communicator.

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