Why are you taking financial advice from broke people?

September 19, 2018


Are most people rich or broke? Just in case you don't know, the answer is broke.


Are most people who give out financial advice rich or broke? Logically speaking, the answer to this question is also broke.


When someone gives you advice on what to do with your money (like to put it in retirement accounts or to buy mutual funds), are you paying attention to whether or not that particular person is financially successful themselves?


Because, most people would prefer to be wealthy than broke. If that particular person is broke themselves, how useful do you think their financial advice really is?


FYI, just because someone works in a bank or wears a suit, that doesn't mean they're actually wealthy. Most mutual-fund salespeople who work at banks for financial planning institutions are barely breaking even themselves are relying you to buy their products so they can make a commission on their sale.


I'm open about how I make my money; it's on the top of this site, and it's in my other posts.


Ask the mutual fund salesperson to show you their portfolio and their balances. If they're unwilling, that means they're embarrassed and they're not good at their job. Financial advisors who are not good at their job are broke.



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