Why I'm always wearing my headphones.

November 1, 2018


If you've ever seen me in public, you'll notice that I'm always wearing my noise cancelling headphones. What I listen to has dramatically changed my life. I’ll tell you what I’m listening to all the time, but first I want to cover a spiritual concept.


Why am I always listening to my noise-cancelling headphones? Would I prefer to stay in my own world when I'm out an about? Maybe.


But there's a bigger reason.


If I was in a room full of people at a spiritual conference or a high-ticket business event, then you would never see me with my headphones on. That’s because the conversations you and I would overhear at a spiritual retreat or a high-ticket business or personal development conference are vastly different than what you or I would hear in line at a bank (for instance).


If I was in a room full of positive people, I would overhear conversations about what people are doing to make more money or help more people, or about their families, or about topics such as gratitude and significance.


If I was in a slow-moving line at a bank, I may hear negative conversations.


Whatever I hear or overhear enters my mind and has the potential to stick. If I hear (and participate) in negative conversations, my subconscious mind will start to process what I hear and I will start believing I live in a hostile and negative world.


If I overhead conversations on the topics of gratitude, philanthropy, and significance, I’ll believe I live in a world full of possibility.


There’s a recording you should listen to. It’s called The Strangest Secret, originally recorded by Earl Nightingale. Most successful people know this to be true, but most unsuccessful people are either not aware of this concept or don’t believe in it. The secret is:


You Become What You Think About All Day Long


If you spend your days overhearing other people complaining and negative conversations, guess what you’re going to be thinking about all day long. Guess what results you’ll end up with (if you aren’t already dealing with them right now).


If you spend your days overhearing positive and productive conversations (either from others or audios you listen to on your headphones), guess what you’re going to be thinking about all day long. Then, think about the results you’d get.


So, what do you think I’m listening to all the time on my headphones? I listen to positive podcasts, and high-ticket conferences I attended in the past. I keep my mind focused on only positive and productive lines of thought. That’s how I’m able to run over 200 sources of passive income. That’s how I’m able to use virtually all of my income to help save villages in Africa and build low-income housing here in Canada.


Yes, 100% of my revenue goes to charity. 50% of it directly, and the other 50% is used to grow the business so that the 50% chunk I’ll be donating next month is even larger.


If you’re interested in purchasing noise cancelling headphones, and you’re interested in helping me support Habitat for Humanity and the Unstoppable Foundation, you can visit one of my online stores here. If you make a purchase from this link, I’ll get a certain percentage of the revenue. However, you already know what I do with the revenue I receive.


Thanks for being a devoted and positive reader and supporter.


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