The money-value dichotomy.

January 31, 2019


I’m guilty of it. I’ve been guilty of it right here in this blog. I’m a money-chaser. At least, I was a money chaser.


Right now I’m reading MJ Demarco’s latest book Unscripted. And let me tell you it’s reshaping how I think about everything. Money. Time. Relationships.


Anyways, if you’re having trouble making money, or making extra money, take a closer look at what you’re doing. Are you creeping the internet looking for “turnkey business opportunities”? Don’t worry; I used to be the same. Heck, I’m sure I recommended that you do just that on some of my earlier posts on here.


Here’s the thing though that I’m starting to discover, and you will likely discover if you follow this path:


It Doesn’t Work


You’ll Waste A Lot Of Money In The Process


Sure Azon Blog Builder and (two turn-key businesses I’ve bought into that DO work) were good choices on my part, but I’ve bought into about 40 other “schemes” that didn’t pan out. That’s a very low success rate (and a lot of wasted money).


So, what’ the secret?


Stop Chasing Money


Start Offering Value


Buying into other people’s “Turnkey Operations” doesn’t work. Well, it works for the person offering the “service”. Once that person takes your money, 95% of them will just stop talking to you and not deliver the product you think you purchased. How do I know? Because it happened to me over and over again.


Instead, focus on creating something of value. What can you create that other people want that you can offer to them?


And, instead of being “lazy” like I was, and instead of just buying into other people’s “pre-made systems”, learn how to make the system yourself. Go onto Udemy and LinkedIn Learning and start taking courses on how to create apps, write books, etc. Don’t be like me and put your financial future into the hands of someone on the other side of the country or planet. Take charge. Be accountable. Stop acting like a consumer and start acting like a producer. Stop chasing money, and instead start producing value.


Money is not to be chased or hunted. It’s to be attracted.

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