How To Effortlessly Make Money Online (HINT: It’s Impossible)

April 3, 2019





[Before I go on, if you’re only interested in learning shortcuts, and you have no interest whatsoever in actually producing value or properly building and growing a business, scroll down to where it says ***Shortcut***. There, I tell you how hire others to build phony businesses for you that make a few bucks for a few months selling useless crap to suckers before your sites get shut down.]


Still with me here? Ok, good.


If you’re here, it’s probably because:


  1. You’re a devout follower of mine and read every single article I write (in which chase thank you for being such a wonderful supporter of mine!); or

  2. You asked me how to make some extra money online without having to do any work on your part.


If 2) applies to you, I get why you’re asking, as I’ve been there myself. Unfortunately, you’re asking the wrong question.


The question you should really be asking is:


How Can I Produce A Lot Of Value

For A Lot Of People?


By adding value I mean making others feel good, eliminating a pain-point, and/or solving a problem for them.


Start producing value for others. There are already way too many consumers here on this planet.


It’s the producers that get ahead in life, not the consumers.


Start talking to and engaging others, online and offline. Get into the habit of producing and providing value, NOW.




Take a look around you. Is there someone around who you can help? It’s as simple as offering to carry groceries, holding open the door, or even smiling and saying ‘hello’ first. Pick up some trash in front of someone’s house.


If you’re willing to spend some money, go to a coffee shop, buy a gift card, and give it to a random person in line. Buy a blanket or some food for a homeless person. If you’re online, if someone is asking a question you can answer or you can look up the answer to, actually do it!


Again, do it without expecting anything in return.


Why? Because if you’re asking for something in return, you’re not producing, you’re trading. Trading won’t help you. Trading does not engage the reciprocity principle. Trading doesn’t make others fall in love with you, others who may one day either buy from you or tell others to buy from you.


People Buy From Value Producers

Not Traders


You want to be known as a value producer.


If and when people start talking to you, get to know them. Get to know what their pain-points and problems are. And, actually remove their pain or solve their problem! (again, without expecting anything in return) If you start feeling self-conscious, remember, they don’t care about you. They only care about themselves! They will only start caring about you once you start adding value to them.


You’ll notice that this will take a lot of effort on your part, and you will have to be willing to do things that you won’t want to do. If you want to make some serious money, you’re going to have to develop this muscle.


You may have heard the platitude, “The secret to happiness is to do what you love”.


Unfortunately this platitude was made up by self-help gurus who want to sell books. Although their target audience loves hearing this because it makes them feel good, it doesn’t actually work.


The correct platitude is:


The Secret To Happiness

Is To Love The Value You Create


This will often involve doing things that you hate (and a few that you love), but the value you create (i.e. the feeling you get when you solve someone’s problem or make their pain go away) is a far cry from the pain you’ll endure when you’re battling human inertia and doing things you don’t want to do.


Once you start to notice that a lot of people have a similar problem that you can solve, then you go ahead and “can and clone” your solution. If you can solve a $1 problem for a million people, or solve a $1 Million problem for one person, you’ll be set.




If you’re looking for an easy shortcut (that either won’t work very well or won’t work at all), you can go on Udemy and look up “make money online”. You’ll find lots of courses on how to build “passive income Amazon Affiliate/FBA sites” that’ll work for four months before Amazon shuts your account down. You can also go on to Warrior Forum, click on “Warrior Special Offers”, and blow your wad on some “Done-For-You Turn-Key Passive-Income-Sites” on sale there that either won’t work, or will only work for a short period of time.


Do this for a while and you’ll realize that going this route doesn’t actually work!


The truly successful and wealthy people out there are producers, not consumers. They solve problems, not have problems that need solving. They go around helping others to make passive income not look to others to spoon-feed passive income to them.



Providing value attracts money for you in the long run, not chasing money. Money chasers often end up spending their entire lives chasing money. And, these are the easiest people to target for scams and such.


Thank you for spending your valuable time with me.


Thank you for nourishing your mind and taking care of yourself.


You are a beautiful person.






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