Go learn a skill.

April 25, 2019



Believe it or not, just recently I’ve taken up day trading Crypto.




It’s a skill I currently do not have. If I chip away at it, and if I remain 100% committed to mastering the skill, ability, and mindset, I will get good at it.


I fell into the trap of purchasing paid subscriptions for services that will tell me when to buy and sell certain coins. In spite of the quality of the traders putting out the signals (and the cost of the subscriptions!), I have had a poor track record so far.


I Lost Money On Over 90% Of The Trades I Made

Following Expensive Signal Recommendations


And this is after making 50+ trades!


And, no, it’s not because I entered into the trades too late. There were times where the signal recommendations would come in at 3 in the morning. I set my phone to vibrate when the notification popped up, waking both myself and my wife up. I slowly walked over to my laptop and entered in the recommended trade, just to find out that by 7 in the morning I was stopped out (the value of the coin I bought fell so much the exchange auto-sold my coin for a huge loss).


Imagine if instead of getting good at mooching off of other people’s signal recommendations, I got good at figuring out all this stuff on my own!


Right now I’m about two weeks in to learning how to read charts, indicators, and signal books. It was a rough start, but right now I’ve been right about 80% of the time on my paper trades (20+ trades). With more skill, practice, and commitment, I’ll get even better, and one day I will be trading (and killing!) crypto on my own using actual money.


And, who knows. One day, I may just start putting out signals of my own.


Don’t rely on others to make you wealthy. Go out and master a skill. Pick something, commit to learning and mastering it! Go find a good course on Udemy, and actually put what you’re learning into practice. Chip away at it, a little bit at a time, no matter how hard it may seem to be at first.


Find a way to increase your value to society.




You’re a beautiful person.




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